Welcome to my store, Meriky Studio.

Gorgeous posters, beautiful logos printed on shirts and attractive products have always piqued my interest since I was a kid. 

Since then I’ve always been looking for ways to create them. So I started working as a designer for a design company in 2015 after I graduated from university. I worked for that company for 2 years until I decided to work on my own and open this shop, Meriky Studio. Of course! I am a Meriky, who has a magical stick to create many creative arts and designs.

With my passion and seriousness, I believe that I will always  strive to create more beautiful, creative and unique art designs.

If you have any problem in crafting, dif, new ideas svg or hard to use them on  designs, poster, decal, print just contact me on facebook page or email, I will help u as much as possible.I sell a lot of digital formats with low-cost digital files and update every day, especially in this pandemic. Let’s enjoy these designs together. Have a nice journey here.